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Trademark Registration Service

Trademark Registration in China

China’s trademark laws, though relatively advanced, are different to the Western standards in numerous ways. China is a first-to-file country. Hence, whoever files the trademark first gets it. Below is a few “interesting” examples:-

New Barlun, which is a rough translation of new balance, wins the trademark case in China. New Balance needs to compensate New Barlun 120 million. Don’t want to be the next Intellectual Property “victim” in China? Consult with our staff and pick the right time to register!

Trademark Registration in Hong Kong

To obtain protection as registered trademarks in Hong Kong, trademarks must be registered under the Trade Marks Ordinance. After registration of trademark, you have an exclusive right to use it in relation to the goods and services. Although unregistered trademarks can be covered by common law actions, the action will be more difficult to prove.

There are generally 45 class(es) of good and service in which you can register for your trademark. You must list out the specific class in your application. The 45 class category can be seen here.

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