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Advertising via Electronic Message

Advertising your company in Hong Kong: Commercial Electronic Messages Ordinance (Cap. 593)

It is quite common for Hong Kong companies to advertise their products via electronic messages. We advise our clients to take note of the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Ordinance (UEMO) (Cap. 593). To comply with the legislation, senders of commercial electronic messages are required:-

  • to include clear company information in the message;
  • to provide receivers with an unsubscribe facility in the message;
  • to confirm unsubscribe requests within ten (10) days (if any);
  • not to deliver electronic messages to any number(s) registered in the Do-not-call Registers starting from the tenth (10) working day of its registration;
  • not to hide the caller information when delivering messages from telephone or fax numbers;
  • prohibits the use of unscrupulous techniques to expand the reach of commercial electronic messages.

If your Hong Kong company has an intention to advertise products or services via electronic messages, please feel free to contact our incorporation staff for more information.

Disclaimer: While GSHK does not provide legal advice, our staff will be happy to share our business experience. Alternatively, you can contact practicing solicitors for independent legal advice.

Banking Security in Hong Kong

Introduction to Hong Kong banking security device

After you set up a bank account for your Hong Kong limited company, banks will provide you with a security device. Like other developed countries, banks in Hong Kong are very serious with online banking security.

You will need this small device to log in to your online banking and to authorize each business transaction. It has a password lock which minimizes the possibility of unauthorized access.

Feel free to ask one of our incorporation staffs how to use the device. We will be happy to show you the steps and functions at our office. In the meantime, you can see more information from HSBC, Bank of China, HangSeng Bank, Standard Chartered.

Establish a Charity in Hong Kong

To Establish a Charity/ Non-profit company in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, a company who provide voluntary or non-profit making service does not automatically qualify as a charity. In fact, there is no provision in the Ordinance which exempts Hong Kong companies, which frequently engage in non-profit activities, from tax. Hence, charities wishing to enjoy tax exemption has to apply to the Inland Revenue Department directly and the sole purpose of the company setup has to be exclusively charitable according to law. For example, it has to be related to relief of poverty, improvement of education, promotion of religion and other purposes which are specifically beneficial to the Hong Kong Community.

The whole process may take up to a year. Once we lodge the application letter and express the intention to setup a charity, the HKSAR government may take around 4 months to make an initial response. For details, please contact our incorporation staff.

Translation Service

It is very popular for companies to source their products from China due to the relatively low cost. In sourcing your products, GSHK understands that clients may face language barrier in Mainland China in looking for the right product with reasonable terms and condition. All of our staff know at least three languages, namely Cantonese, Mandarin, English. While our business focus on providing clients with service in regard to legal compliance of Hong Kong Companies, we also offer clients simple translation service or to help facilitate setup of an office or contact point in China.

For easy reference, below are some pictures copied from a popular Chinese website, Taobao. Most, if not all, sales and promotion were conducted in Mandarin and simplified Chinese.

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