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Registered Business Address Service

“Our main office locates at the Central Business District in Hong Kong
228 – 238 Queens Road Central. HSBC headquarters is within walking distance. Virtual address is important to company’s image.”
What does Companies ordinance say?

To set up a Hong Kong limited company, it is mandatory to have an address in Hong Kong as its registered office. As per s. 658 of the Companies Ordinance, the intended address stated in the company incorporation form shall be regarded as the address of its registered office until a notice of change is being filed to the Companies Registry. If the change is not filed to the Registrar within 15 days, every responsible person of the Hong Kong company commits an offence, and each person can be liable for a late fee of $1000 per day.

“Again, GSHK do not merely provide an address parking service for communication. With our comprehensive secretarial support, we will make sure your Hong Kong limited company complies with regulations set in the Ordinance and you can devote your efforts to develop your business.”

General Practice in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong SAR government generally sends 4 letters to a Hong Kong limited company per year. All of these letters have a timeframe to reply and late fee will incur if one does not reply before the deadline. “In urgent situation, we can draft an initial reply on behalf of clients and mail forwarding service is available upon request.”