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After the company formation process is completed, you may wonder how to hire workers in Hong Kong. Below are some hiring platforms for easy reference.

The first platform I wanted to talk about is Indeed. Indeed is a hiring platform which works like a search engine. You can post an advertisement free of charge while you can also choose to sponsor your post to boost its exposure. From our observation, Indeed might not be the most popular hiring platforms for employers. However, we often found that candidates from Indeed have better English communication skills.

The second platform we want to mention is Jobsdb. Jobsdb is probably the most popular hiring platform in Hong Kong. From our experience, each advertisement can attract at least 100 resumes. However, this platform is quite expensive. They often made you to purchase a package with three to five positions while the package has a relatively short validity period.

The third platform is Classified post. If you are looking for professional candidates with solid working experience, you can often put your advertisements on the Classified post of the South China Morning Post. Get Started HK hired a few practising Accountants and Chartered secretaries through this channel in the past. However, entrepreneurs shall understand that this group of professional candidates usually ask for higher salary.

As a reminder, an employer should seek only those personal data that are necessary to enable a hiring decision to be made.  During the job interview, employer should not request for a copy of applicant’s identity card, detailed personal information, unless it is relevant to the selection process.

From our experience, entrepreneurs may want to avoid asking for information related to

  • Nationality
  • Marital status
  • Disability
  • Religion
  • Sexual orientation

If the above is necessary, it would be the best to state the reason on the application form to avoid dispute. For details, please click here to check out information from the Equal Opportunity Committee.

Click here for details of the Employment Ordinance in Hong Kong.