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Belize Company Formation

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Establish Company in Belize
Belize is a famous option when it comes to offshore company establishment. Information about beneficial owners and directors is not available to the public. Profits generated outside of the country are also not taxable by the local authority.

Our professional service team has licenced CPA and Chartered Secretaries. We can guide you in choosing the best jurisdiction for offshore incorporation. Need instant advice? Tell us your needs now via Whatsapp +852 5540 2713.

Service Pricing
+ US$390 Government Fee
Name Search (up to 3 names)
Prepare Due Diligence Forms
Prepare Incorporation Documents
Register of Director(s)
Register of Shareholder(s)
Share Certificate
Certificate of Incorporation
Company Stamp Company Seal
Registered Agent
Registered Address

Total US$1090

To establish a company in Belize, company owners must observe criteria below .
You need to have a registered agent and a registered address in the Belize.
You need to have at least one director and shareholder.
Company cannot be used to acquire, hold, own or deal with any intellectual property asset.
How it works
1 Tell us your preferred Company name
2 Submit your passport copy & residential address proof
3 Sign and return the Incorporation Form
4 e-Certificates Ready in 3 - 6 business days

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