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Are there any restrictions of language in a Hong Kong company name?

Yes. A Hong Kong company name can only be in English or Chinese.

Can the company name carry both English letters and Chinese characters?

No. A Hong Kong company name can only be in English letters OR Chinese characters. A company name with a combination of English words and Chinese characters is not allowed.

Can the company name use simplified Chinese characters instead of traditional Chinese characters?

No. If you have a Chinese company name, the name must be in traditional Chinese characters.

Can the last word of the English company name be “Ltd” or “LLC”?

No. Hong Kong Companies Ordinance states that company name must end with the word “Limited”.

Can I change the name of the company after incorporation?

Yes. You can change the name after incorporation. Process takes around 1 – 2 weeks. Once the company name is updated, the Companies Registry will issue a name change certificate and the Inland Revenue Department will issue a new business license.

Can I check whether the proposed company name is available before company set up?

Yes. We can conduct the name search and revert to you in 1 business day. Please contact us by email at

I am a foreigner and I do not have HKID. Can I still register company in Hong Kong?

Yes.  A foreigner can be the sole director and shareholder of a Hong Kong company. You can have 100% control of your Hong Kong company.

Is there any difference between holding companies and limited companies in Hong Kong?

The company we help to register is Private limited company. You can use your Hong Kong company to hold asset after the company registration process is completed.

Can I change the shareholder structure of my company?

Yes. You can introduce new shareholders or you may also transfer your shares to other parties any time after the company is incorporated.

What is the par value/nominal value for Hong Kong limited company?

The notion of par value/ nominal value has been abolished by Hong Kong government.

What is the minimum share capital of a Hong Kong limited company?

In general, a Hong Kong company should have at least 1 share with HK$1 capital.  For easy reference, the norm in Hong Kong is to have 10,000 shares with HK$10,000 capital.

How do I maintain a Hong Kong company?

The company must renew its Business Registration Certificate and file the Annual Return (NAR1 Form) on a yearly basis.

What is the tax rate for Hong Kong company?

The profit tax rate is 8.25% for the first HK$2 million in profit. Rest of the profit is taxed at 16.5%. Hong Kong adopt a territorial source principle of taxation. Only profits which are sourced in Hong Kong are taxable. If you obtain offshore status, the tax rate is 0%.

What are the minimum requirements in Hong Kong company formation?

The Hong Kong company formation must possess at least one shareholder and one director. The company also needs a company secretary, who is a Hong Kong resident or a Hong Kong corporate. The registered office must be based in Hong Kong. Get Started HK can provide you with both company secretary and registered address office.

What does company secretary service include?

You can appoint GSHK as your company secretary! It is an annual parking service, mainly for compliance with the Companies Ordinance and safeguarding the company to be in good order. Upon request, we can help you to prepare all government documents needed.

I am the sole director and shareholder and I also hold a HKID. Can I be the company secretary?

No. The sole director must not be the company secretary. In this case, you may want to appoint a Hong Kong resident (over 18-year-old) or a Hong Kong corporate to fulfill the company secretary role.

How long does it take to register company in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong company formation process can be completed as fast as 1 business day. The whole incorporation process can be completed remotely.

What do I receive after the company formation?

After company is registered, you will be receiving (1) Certificate of Incorporation (2) Business Registration Certificate (3) Incorporation form NNC1 (4) Articles of Association (5) Certificate of Incumbency.

In approximately when do I need to file Profit Tax Return after establishing company in Hong Kong?

Your first Profit Tax Return will arrive approximately 18 months after the date of company incorporation. After that, you have to prepare and submit accounting reports on a yearly basis.

Do I need a Hong Kong bank account for my Hong Kong limited company?

It is not mandatory to have a Hong Kong bank account. However, it is highly recommended. First, it makes sense for a Hong Kong company to have a Hong Kong bank account. Hong Kong has high quality banking industry regulations. You can enjoy protection of the Hong Kong legal system. Second, there is no foreign exchange controls in Hong Kong. The city is driven by the values of free trade and free markets.

Will my details as shareholder and director be disclosed on the public record?

While you cannot find director and shareholder information from google search engine, information is not 100% confidential in Hong Kong. One can hire professional accounting firm or law firm to conduct search at the Companies Registry Cyber Search Centre. A search fee will incur.