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Hong Kong Phone Number

The HK government has updated the Incorporation Form NNC1 in December 2023, and they ask entrepreneurs for a Hong Kong Phone Number during the application process.

Why do I need a Hong Kong Telephone number? –  New Requirement on the NNC1 form 

When you incorporate a company in Hong Kong, the applicant must fill out the Incorporation Form NNC1. Don’t worry, Get Started will help you to fill out the form, and all you need to do is to provide us with your passport and address proof. That being said, if you are interested in knowing the changes about the new regulations regarding the HK telephone number requirement for all HK businesses, you can visit the Companies Registry website, and download the template NNC1 form.

After you download the form, you can go to Page 2 of the NNC1 form and you will be able to see the new section in which the government asks for the telephone number (See the screenshot below).

At the very beginning of page 2, the HK government asks every entrepreneur whether they have a +852 number (see the screenshot below).

This is a new requirement starting from December 2023. The Hong Kong government has updated the incorporation form NNC1 and they ask entrepreneurs for a business nature and a Hong Kong contact telephone number. It is stressed on the updated NNC1 form (you may refer to the screenshot above). The number must start with the Hong Kong country code +852. You may wonder as to the reasons why the Government implemented such changes. 

In the below paragraphs, I will explain some incidents and also the importance of having a HK phone number for your application, and how Get Started can help you with this matter. In response to this regulatory change, we have officially launched our service on Hong Kong sim card activation so that you can run your business worry-free!

Alarming increase in identity theft & scam leading to loss in business 

In recent years, there is an alarming increase in phone scams targeting businesses. People can easily use your name and company information to conduct fraudulent activities such as unauthorized account openings or the sale of counterfeit products which may result in unauthorized requests for payment from your clients without providing any legitimate services. It can potentially lead to damage to your company’s reputation and the loss of valuable customers or partnership opportunities. In the end, the real business owners might even have to bear the financial losses created by the identity thefts, leading to an unnecessary financial burden.

Governments around the world are actively working to address this growing issue, advertisement can be seen everywhere. Yet, still a lot of citizens have fallen into the trap, resulting in a great loss financially. So how can having a HK sim card phone number protect your business from being used by identity thieves?

Starting from March 2023, the Hong Kong government requires all Prepaid sim (“PPS”) telephone card holders to conduct a real-name registration (Cap. 106, section 37) (“the policy”). They shall complete the registration of the SIM cards with their own original identity documents. People that failed to conduct a real-name registration will not be able to activate a prepaid telephone phone number. 

The Office of the Communication Authority (“OFCA”) and telecommunications service providers would arrange sample checks on the registered information from time to time. In case of irregularity, the users concerned should cooperate with telecommunications service providers in confirming the registered information or else the relevant PPS card will be deregistered and cannot be used afterwards. 

For further information about the policy, you may visit the OFCA website.

Benefits for Companies to have a Hong Kong +852 telephone number

Other than the new section in the NNC1 incorporation form, having a Hong Kong phone number that is registered under your name and with the Hong Kong company details can provide your customers and business partners with more assurance in working with you. 

For example, if you find a company which sells products at a very cheap price, but the only contact method is by Instagram. The shop has no email and no contact number. Will you feel comfortable ordering from the shop? Or will you prefer ordering from a shop which is a few dollars more expensive, but has a physical shop, an email address with proper business domain, and a telephone contact number? For sure, most people will go for a shop with a real identity, and having a Hong Kong phone number can often help to convert sales more easily.  

When your clients see that your company is using a Hong Kong office address, but notice that the contact number is from Nigeria, it can definitely raise some eyebrows. It is only natural to expect a local company to have a local contact number. For instance, if a Hong Kong company is using a Nigeria number, it can lead to confusion and skepticism among potential customers. In today’s global market, customers are becoming more cautious and attentive to details. When they encounter information that does not align, they may hesitate to proceed with your service.

Having a +852 number for your Hong Kong company not only provides a sense of authenticity and reliability but also presents the best image to potential clients. It shows that you are locally present and easily accessible, which can significantly boost customer confidence in your business. If your company has a telephone number officially registered in the Government record, the chance for identity theft to scam your clients can be much reduced. If someone pretends to be your company with another +852 number, the Hong Kong police force can easily verify scammers’ identities through the telecommunication provider. 

Ultimately, having a local number for your business is more than just formality on the incorporation form NNC1, it can make a real difference in how your company is perceived, such as preventing identity thefts from damaging your company’s image and reputation and building a more trustworthy and professional image to your potential customers or business partners, and even more!

How does a HK +852 number help with bank opening? 

From our experience, some bankers will feel that the customers have more linkage to Hong Kong if they see you have a Hong Kong +852 number. From our observation, they can be more friendly and lenient in approving account opening. Many banks or financial institutions such as Airwallex or PayPal may also send you a SMS code for account activation. Hence, many people believe that obtaining a local phone number can help to streamline the application procedure, and it is more likely to get the account approved. It is especially important for entrepreneurs aiming to swiftly establish a bank account for receiving transactions. 

Purchasing a Hong Kong phone number from GetStarted.HK

In order to comply with the Regulation, not only do we get you a SIM card phone number, but also help to complete the real-name registration (Cap. 106, section 37) process with the Hong Kong government. The SIM-card phone number will be registered under your company name and passport details.

In the past, you just needed to buy a prepaid sim card from any telecommunication service provider, and you can use it right away, but under the new law, you need to comply with the policy before use. 

The real-name registration process has been causing quite a headache for many of our customers lately. It is not just a challenge for foreigners, but even local customers find themselves needing to pop into the shop for assistance. In the early days of the new regulations, there were long queues outside telephone service companies and people were in need of staff to help them through the real name registration process. But Don’t worry, GetStarted experts are here to help!

Want a hassle free package? We can help to cope with it! We offer a solution with an affordable price to protect your business from being used by scammers. We can help to activate a Hong Kong prepaid sim card provided by a Hong Kong local telecommunication provider. Our service includes:

  1. Real-name registration and activation, and
  2. Receiving One Time Passcode, and 
  3. Setting up a Whatsapp account, and
  4. Mailing the activated sim card to oversea addresses

**According to the Telecommunications (Registration of SIM Cards) Regulation, prepaid SIM card users must complete real-name registration with their telecommunications service provider in order to activate or continue the use of SIM card service.  

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