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At some point, you may be struggled in the tax planning. Sitting with a stack of invoices is not your idea of a great weekend. The files can bury you in eye-crossing long nights. That’s why we’re here to tell you – you’re not alone.  It’s time to hire accounting service in Hong Kong. Work with Get Started HK, as extension of your team.

What you need to know about the annual tax filing requirement in Hong Kong

Step 1:  Prepare the accounting financial statements. (These include the income statements, balance sheet and General Ledger. Please safely keep your bank statements & invoices.)

Step 2: Audit these financial statements by a HKCPA. (All these financial statements are required to be audited and signed by a certified public accountant annually.)

Step 3: File the Profits Tax Return with the audited financial statement. (Every company is required to report their assessable profits (or adjusted loss) on the Return. The director or a responsible company representative need to sign a declaration and confirm the details are true, correct and complete)

After setting up a company in Hong Kong, it is important to keep your accounting records in accordance with the local regulations. Get Started HK has a team of professional accountants who are qualified in Hong Kong and we can provide you with different solutions to meet your profits tax reporting needs.

True. Honest. Straightforward. Affordable.  

Are you a startup or SME that are looking for affordable accounting service? You may notice some firms out there charge accounting fees by your monthly revenue. Beep Beep. This may be a scam alert. If you come across firms charging by revenue, make sure you find your way to leave and compare the price with a few more trusted accountants first. There is only one golden rule at Get Started HK, that is to count the volume of transactions. For instance, if you only have less than 10 transactions a month, we charge the basic fees for 10 transactions. We don’t charge by your revenue for the 10 transactions.

Let us reduce overwhelm when it comes to taxes and accounting.
Enjoy open communication with our accountants. 

How Much Does Get Started HK Charge for Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Auditing

We agree upon a fixed price with prospective clients before the start of the work. We provide the exact level of services needed for profits tax filing. The cost is different to every company, depends on the size of business, industry, and bookkeeping methods. We guarantee for no hidden charge. We focus on efficent communication and results. So clients have no worry about any surprise bills.

Why Choose Get Started HK as Tax Representative

We are a team of expereniced accountants who’ve worked at the big four. We are here to offer professional and dependable advice that help your organizational growth and solve your tax libablities. We are not AI. Your questions won’t be answered by chatbot. We add real values and provide tailor consulting to your siutation.

  • Complimentry Profit Tax Return filing 
  • Tax strategies, allowable expenses and deductions, shareholder loans
  • Ongoing support for accounting questionns throughout the year
  • Dealing with IRD inquiries and reviews
  • Pro-Actice Plan vs. End of Year Plan
  • Offshore Claim Status

How Can I Keep My Accounting Cost Low

Lower your expenses by outsourcing the bookkeeping service to our accountants. If you are a SME, we can provide the accounting service on an annual basis. Fees are usually much lower when the company pays annually for the services instead of monthly.

Is Audit a Compulsory Requirement?

Yes. Audit is compulsory in Hong Kong. As per the Companies Ordinance, a Hong Kong company must prepare an audit of the financial statements every year. This is also a mandatory requirement if you intend to claim offshore status. You can see the reporting time from this link and we will explain our auditing service in this page.