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Set Up an Offshore Company in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has ranked No. 1 as the world’s freest economy for 25 years consecutively. The city has always been viewed as one of the easiest places to do business in the world. Hong Kong, New York, and London are always seen as the top 3 at the Global Financial Center Index, while Hong Kong is probably the best gateway to enter the Chinese market. This reason alone is enough for potential business owners to consider offshore company formation in Hong Kong – but there’s so much more.

Hong Kong imposes 0% taxes on offshore profit and foreigners can have 100% full control of a Hong Kong entity. This helps provide extra stability and protection to your assets, ensuring that they will not be subject to steep taxes and potential lawsuits from your home country. All of this makes setting up an offshore company in Hong Kong extremely attractive. Once you have set up your offshore company in Hong Kong, plenty of opportunities will open up for both you and your brand when it comes to real estate, investing and trading.

Our professional service team has licenced CPA and Chartered Secretaries. We can guide you in choosing the best jurisdiction for offshore incorporation. Need instant advice? Tell us your needs now via Whatsapp +852 5540 2713.

Service Pricing


+ US$510 Government Fee

  • Registered Address
  • Company Secretary**
  • Significant Controller Register**
  • First Written Resolution
  • Company Round Chop
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Business Registration Certificate
  • Company Stamp For Banking Purpose
  • Certificate of Incumbency
  • Customer Service Support
  • Bank Document Support
  • Referral to NeoBank
  • 12 Business Hours

Total US$990

Establish a company in Hong Kong

To establish a company in Hong Kong, company owners must observe the criteria below.

  • You need to appoint a company secretary which must be a TCSP licensee.
  • You need to have a registered address in Hong Kong.
  • Foreigners can be the sole director and shareholder of the Hong Kong Company. There is no requirement to have a local director.

How it works

  1. Fill in the application form and tell us your preferred company name
  2. Proceed to checkout. We will contact you by phone & email to confirm details.
  3. e-Certificates Ready in 1 business day

FAQ for Offshore Company Formation in Hong Kong

12 hours. Once we confirm your proposed company name is available, our team will email you draft documents for execution in 3 working hours. Upon confirmation, we shall arrange filing at the Hong Kong Company Registry. The certificate of incorporation and business license will then be ready in 12 hours.

Yes. The Hong Kong Company Formation process can be completed remotely.

No. There is no requirement to have a local director. Foreigners can have 100% ownership of a Hong Kong entity. You can be the sole director and shareholder.

A Hong Kong company shall have a company secretary which is a TCSP licensee and the company shall also have a registered office address which can be used for commercial purpose. Both a company secretary and registered address are included in our package.

It is not necessary to have a Chinese name. A name in English is sufficient for registration purpose.

Yes. The English company name must end with the word “Limited”. While LLC or Ltd have same meaning, Hong Kong only adopts the expression “Limited”.

Yes. A company can always change its name at a later stage. The process takes around two weeks and the Government will issue a new business license and a name change certificate.

Most companies will adopt 10,000 shares with HK$10,000 share capital. This is viewed as the standard in Hong Kong. For easy reference, the minimum is to have 1 share with HK$1 capital.

Yes. You can increase the authorized share capital and allot new shares to new members. This procedure is known as “share allotment” in Hong Kong.

The standard business license fee is US$290 each year and the annual return NAR1 Form is US$15.

Once the Government approves the setup application, you will receive the following (1) Certificate of Incorporation (2) Business Registration Certificate (3) Incorporation form NNC1 (4) Articles of Association.

Get Started HK is a TCSP Licensee in Hong Kong and our license number is TC000807. Our program is managed by HK Practising CPA and Chartered Secretary. Our company has also been featured on Forbes and Entrepreneurs.

It is not necessary to open a bank account in Hong Kong. You can choose to open a bank account in any country, this is simply a business decision.

Offshore profit is not taxable by the Hong Kong local authority. In other words, the corporate tax rate can be 0%. If you operate an onshore business, the tax rate is 8.25% for the first HK$2 million (US$256,000) in profit. Rest of the profit is taxed at 16.5%.

To start, you can fill in our application form. Alternatively, you can email us your proposed company name, a copy of your passport and a recent residential address proof. We will then prepare the incorporation documents accordingly.

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