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3 Business Ideas to Start in 2023

Business ideas to start in 2023

New business ideas are needed to start in the year of 2023! In the past two years, it has been a turmoil to many small enterprises and businesses under the hazardous COVID-19. The world has been fraught with fear, distress and despondent. The slowdown in global activities due to the lockdown results in the decline of business and economy. In the midst of the storm, there are always new challenges and opportunities to encompass the future with hope and passion under the new normal. With the shutdown of physical stores and economic activities such as exhibitions and conferences, the business world has gradually progressed to online platforms. You can explore countless business opportunities on the cloud once you have spotted a good market positioning and make a pioneer ascent of your business. Since 2022 is almost at its end, here’s some business ideas which you can plan and start in the coming year – 2023.

1. Pre-made meals cooking kit and delivery

The pandemic has transformed us to an amatuer chef at home, especially when dining out becomes almost impossible now. Yet, planning the everyday meals in different cuisines is such a headache for most stay-home mum. Pre-planned weekly meals could be handy when ingredients and recipe are well-prepared within a cooking kit. A business that provides pre-made or oven-free meals with recipes for weekly meals would be efficacious to deal with this common problem that every family faces daily. It can be heavily demanded for those who are trying to reach their  nutritional goals. Furthermore, you can also provide tailor-design nutritional meals for customers in response to their health-giving diet needs. They can choose between “High-protein meals’, ‘Balanced diet’ or ‘Festive family meals’. Offering a diverse range of meals and diets could expand your market to different groups of customers. By adding the delivery service for prompt order, the business would definitely be a great hit in your neighborhood!

2. Online courses

Experienced almost three years filled with scheduled video meetings and conferences, all of us have already been well-equipped with advanced technological skills for various online platforms. While the mass has accustomed to online platforms, conducting online courses will no longer be a perplexing issue. With the accessibility of the network, one can go for an online course anytime and anywhere, while the course instructor can also schedule a video meeting and pre-record videos for students. Holding an online courses platform enables you to hire specialist instructors around the globe. Courses like yoga and gymnastics class that focus on muscle strengthening and coordination are hot-picks among different generations, as it requires the minimal gadgets to get yourself ready for it. Most importantly, it is a low-cost business while the salary for online instructors is the main cost for your business. You can save money for rent and equipment as the online platforms are everything you need. Undeniably, some platforms are chargeable but this business ideas would be accountable just for a small amount of money.

3. Service-for-service exchange platform

With the emergence of social media, people from all over the world can be closely connected regardless of their background, educational level and ethnicity race. A variety of services are offered on the internet, from nail polishing to engineering support, you can find all skillful and experienced people to exchange your service in a service-for service exchange platform. For example, if you are a graphic designer looking for a cleaning service for your studio, you can provide your design service to the cleaning company in exchange for their cleaning services. The consideration would be in any form. It can be a cash discount with service exchange, or merely a service exchange that is subject to mutual agreement or providing services in exchange for an advertisement. The platform would act as an agency to match their clients with services that cater their needs and specialties, then the platform would earn profit by advertising revenue from displaying paid advertisement on the platform.

While the world has been restructuring and transforming into a new shape, businesses that build from scratch can achieve higher during the daunting yet exciting adventure. 2022 may not be the best year, but we can still hope for the best in 2023 with the new business ideas! If you wish to start your business in Hong Kong, you may contact Get Started HK at for more information about business setup in Hong Kong, we would be happy to help. Thank you for reading.